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We are seasoned educators and industry professionals united in the belief that democracy is strengthened through the responsible exercise of freedom of expression and of the press.

Partners of Word Cup Associated Editors Company have decades of experience in the promotion of journalism in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels in the Philippines. We, professionals in the field of education and communication, work with teachers and students to bridge the gap between theory and practice through cutting-edge workshops.

The company’s mission is to offer leading-edge trainings and workshops in campus journalism for young journalists and school paper advisers, ensure the development of functional skills in the areas of news gathering and reporting, and provide an opportunity to publish their work through the WCNews platform.

Our History

The restoration of democracy in the Philippines through a bloodless People Power Revolution in 1986 and enactment of the Freedom Constitution in 1987 achieved much. Specifically, Republic Act 7079 or the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 was ushered in by Congress, with former campus journalist and pro-democracy activist Speaker Ramon Mitra as the spearhead, four years under the new administration of democracy icon Corazon Aquino.

At the time, the founders of AECo were already hopping from one university to another helping campus press writers set up and manage their publications. The college sweethearts and now husband-and-wife team, Eugenio Sonny O. Calapit and Ana Marie L. Contreras-Calapit, saw an opportunity to offer professional training to both students and teachers of journalism.

In doing so, Eugene decided to enlist the support of his eldest sibling, an accountant, to take care of the financial aspects of the company. He then went on to sell the idea to his brother-in-law, who was a Pulitzer candidate and a seasoned Associated Press reporter. With sibling Ma. Victoria Corazon O. Calapit and brother-in-law Claro V. Cortes III on board, a start-up company was formalized. Thus in 1994, the Associated Editors Co. was registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The services the company offered were warmly received by its clientele, who are mostly under the Department of Education Culture and Sports schools in the National Capital Region and nearby Southern Tagalog. School publications were developed and redesigned using computer-aided industry design tools. The company provided a seamless integration of old and new practices in publishing and printing technologies.

The venture was more like social entrepreneurial work rather than a full-fledged business – the partners, in advocating the use of modern technology in order to fast track the production of school newsletters and newspapers, gave their lectures virtually for free.

A little over a decade later, many school paper advisers, campus journalists and commercial printing presses having adapted to the new publishing technology, it became apparent that for the practice to further improve at the school level, AECo would have to focus once more in delivering cutting-edge training mostly in the areas of writing and photojournalism.

In 2002, AECo published the magazine Pen & Ink to complement the training of school paper advisers and campus journalists. Twelve years later, the magazine was given a breath of fresh air online through Filipina Pen & Ink, an independent new media and writing collective for women, under the leadership of the couple's eldest, Ingrid Shannah Calapit.

The untimely demise of one of its founding partners, Claro, in 2009, caused the commercial printing and publishing operations of the company to cease. But the invitation to “teach” campus journalism in various schools however continued. Thus, the husband and wife team invited like-minded practitioners to continue their work in education.

NSPC Champion Trainers

In 1995, Associated Editors Co. first started training school paper advisers in the Muntinlupa-Taguig-Pateros-Las Pinas Cluster. Since then, invitations from other Metro Manila divisions poured in, including Makati and Quezon City. In 1998, Eugene was invited as the main speaker for the 19th Metro Manila Young Writers Conference in Kaban ng Hiyas, Mandaluyong City. For several years, the NCR held the National Schools Press Conference championship, and as AECo was actively involved in the training of its divisions and the regional qualifiers, we shared in that glory.

AECo’s accomplishments in the field of training and workshop experienced resurgence starting in 2012 when clients in the Calabarzon region started to reap awards in the NSPC. The team aggressively conducted trainings in a number of divisions in Calabarzon, infusing strategies and innovations on par with industry standards. The method was validated a number of times between 2012-2017, and may have been very instrumental in helping Region IV-A maintain, in the past five years, its dominance of the NSPC as its Best Performing Region.

This inspired the founders of Associate Editors Co as early as 2014 to revive the company and further innovate on its training methods. Its papers were amended and approved by the SEC, and Claro’s eldest, Inez Chiara C. Cortes, took his place in the company. Inez is an Ateneo-trained graduate of Literature who placed 9th in the Licensure Exam for Teachers in 2015.

In 2016, the company name was further amended to Word Cup Associated Editors Co. to signify its focus and specialization in the areas of training and workshops in campus journalism.

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